Ivana Stanojevic is a Programme and Investment Officer for the EU External Investment Plan (EIP). Here she shares her motivation to join the team working on the EU’s biggest investment programme for Africa and countries neighbouring the EU, the daily challenges she faces and her expectations for the future.

Ivana, who originally comes from Serbia, assesses programmes which development banks and other financial institutions propose to the Commission for funding under the EIP. She joined the EIP Secretariat in December 2017 after more than twelve years in the banking sector.

“Working on the EIP gives me an opportunity to further pursue my interest in EU policy and investment management. It also means I can contribute to the EIP’s mission to boost investments in Africa and the EU Neighbourhood,” says Ivana. “I want to add value and contribute to the management of the financial pillar of the EIP, the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD). I believe the Plan will really help to reduce poverty, promote development in the countries that we work with, and promote good governance and respect for human rights.”

Source: ec.europa.eu