Collecting Content from Partners & Around the Web

In addition to original content written within the site, there exists a wealth of additional relevant content both from Partners and around the web. The Knowledge Hub has a backend tool that allows us to collect that “external content” – be it article, document or video – and feature it .

The tool offers three possibilities:

1 – to upload either found material or files on your computer

2 – To perform an ongoing search based on keywords -EIP for example.

3 – To bookmark and post content as you find it on the web.

In the case of ongoing search, we are presented with a selection of available content which can be accepted or rejected.

If accepted, it is published to the Knowledge Hub.

It is important to note the flexibility of the search tool: it can both search everything, or be limited to searching only desired addresses – in other words we can compile a list of Partner sites and be constantly updated on material they have available on our topics.

Walk through the following two screen shots for a brief overview:

1/ Collected Content


Here is a sample content category – The EIP in Practice – as it appears after collected stories have been reviewed and published


The page shows the short version of the story and credits the original source


An upload tool is available on the page (only visible to Administrators) that allows direct uploading of documents or files


A little hard to see at this scale but visible to Admins is the button to access the “Suggestions” tool.

Click on the “4” button to go to the next step